Monday, May 2, 2011

The Last Few Months

The past few months have been really busy for us and be has been changing and growing so fast! Here are a few of my favorite highlights!!!

This is Blair volunteering in childcare at our church! He is pushing Bea and three other children in the "Bye Bye Buggy"!! Bea loves this almost as much as she loves snack time!!!

We had a crazy freeze the end of January! It lasted more than a week! We had to really bundle Bea up to go out! She loved wearing her monkey hat and gloves!!

These are pictures of Bea at the park! Going to the park is one of her very favorite activities!

This is Bea one day before church! She is wearing a dress that one of my sweet friends brought her back from Italy!!!

This is Bea ready for her first swimming lesson! She loves every minute of swimming! She especially loves jumping in the pool!

This is Bea and her really good friend Reid at the Arbouretum! Bea is crazy about Reid and gets so excited everytime she sees him!! They are so cute!!!I am so proud to be Bea's mother! I love watching her grow and her personality develop more everyday! We are so blessed to have her for a daughter!